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Human Matrix Verification - Exercise V

Exercise: haircut

The subject: the difference and convenience of objects

When you get your hairs washed for a haircut they always ask if the water is OK. I always say yes. The water temperature is changing by itself or adjusted by the barber from warm to cold and back. There is a moment in this transition where the temperature of the water is the same as the temperature of the head. This moment is majestic. You don't feel the water by pressure, because the stream is soft and further softened by your hairs. You don't feel the water by temperature and yet it is not the same as if there were no water. You are one with the water. There is perfect harmony. When the water is colder as the head you feel both the warmth of your head and the coolness of the water. And when the water is warmer you feel the coolness of your head and realize the warmth of the water. When the water is colder you may say the water is colder than I, now I realize coldness. With warm water I say the water is warmer than I, but then I realize the feeling warm inside me. When I eat salad I say the salad is saltier, bitterer, sourer, spicier, sweeter than I am, but I realize salt, bitternes, sourness, spice, sweetness inside myself. I think Kant calls that convenience, that we are able to experience objects. But before the convenience there is the difference - the salad is saltier than I am, the water is colder than I am - which may be pleasant or unpleasant, expected or unexpected. It seems like the objects always agitate our mind. But what happens to our mind if nothing happens? And what is it to be one with the object when the object is cooler, spicier than me. The next time they ask I will say make the water temperature same as the head.